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Attracting Private Financing into Transmission Project / UN-ESCAP 2022 The Philippines is a good example of the whole of grid concession model. In 2001, the Philippines introduced the “Electric Power Industry Reform Act 2001”, which paved the way for grid concession by restructuring the power sector (a prerequisite for implementing the model) and privatizing the national transmission company. Under the terms of the concession, the government retained ownership of the existing transmission system and auctioned off responsibility to operate, maintain and expand the

Gridworks Perspectives: How to Boost Private Investment in Transmission – Gridworks Development Partners.

whole of network concessions, independent transmission projects (“ITPs”), which are also known as independent power transmission projects, privatizations (a sale of shares by a government in a state owned utility or transmission company), and merchant lines. — Read on Gridworks’ report articulates 4 types of private investment into transmission infrastructure, and suggest “Whole of Network Concessions” (WoNC) as the most suitable for Africa’s energy scenario. WoNC are in effect Long Term Concessions (LTC) as