October 13, 2019

Partner Projects

Of all the traits we possess as humans, perhaps the greatest is be our ability to collaborate with each other, in striving to reach heights which would not have been possible on our own. Hence our focus on a core common value system, and an openness for collaboration.

In an increasingly integrated world, and along the way we are blessed to cross paths with those working towards change for the better.

Zap Technologies Laos is a proposed plastics recycling facility intended to fill the USD2b gap in the recycling market caused by recent policy changes in the traditional recycling centres of Asia. With ongoing improvements in logistics and the focus to connect the various GMS markets, the SVNK-Plastics facility looks set to capitalise on the soaring demand for plastics recycling, while concurrently helping to elevate Laos and the region towards global best practises and legislative support for waste management.