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Gridworks Perspectives: How to Boost Private Investment in Transmission – Gridworks Development Partners.

whole of network concessions, independent transmission projects (“ITPs”), which are also known as independent power transmission projects, privatizations (a sale of shares by a government in a state owned utility or transmission company), and merchant lines. — Read on Gridworks’ report articulates 4 types of private investment into transmission infrastructure, and suggest “Whole of Network Concessions” (WoNC) as the most suitable for Africa’s energy scenario. WoNC are in effect Long Term Concessions (LTC) as

ESCAP DA Energy Policy & Case studies (2020) The report highlights amongst other things – the importance of coordination not just between stakeholder groups, but within UN and Gov Internal agencies. Paper also indicates how funding of the research is unabashedly for the benefit of ESCAP over that of which is local government.

RE (Wave & Wind) Mapping of Salina Island Not all places are suitable for wind The study published in 2020 shows how feasible (or unfeasible) Wind & Wave RE is for island electrification. The same arguments are made for a consolidated approach to long term energy and economic planning. Benchmarks to energy cost and demand related options.

Publications – ITP Thermal

The ITP Thermal team with colleagues in other ITPEnergised group companies have contributed to a range of publicly available reports that are provided here for download. Concentrating solar power technologies The second edition of this well known technical book on CSP has been published by Elsevier. Lead editor and author of 2 key Chapters is… — Read on